PROBES. I. A Compendium of Deep Rotation Curves and Matched Multiband Photometry

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We present the Photometry and Rotation Curve Observations from Extragalactic
Surveys (PROBES) compendium of extended rotation curves for 3163 late-type
spirals, with matching homogeneous multiband photometry for 1677 of them.
PROBES rotation curves originally extracted from Halpha long-slit spectra and
aperture synthesis HI (21cm) velocity maps typically extend out to a median
2R_e (or 1R_{23.5, r}). Our uniform photometry takes advantage of GALEX,
DESI-LIS, and WISE images and the software AutoProf to yield multiband
azimuthally averaged surface brightness profiles that achieve depths greater
than 25 mag/arcsec^2 (FUV, NUV), 27 mag/arcsec^2 (g, r), and 26 mag/arcsec^2
(z, W1, W2). With its library of spatially resolved profiles and an extensive
table of structural parameters, the versatile PROBES data set will benefit
studies of galaxy structure and formation.

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