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PROBES. I. A Compendium of Deep Rotation Curves and Matched Multiband Photometry

Full Article Here We present the Photometry and Rotation Curve Observations from ExtragalacticSurveys (PROBES) compendium of extended rotation curves for 3163 late-typespirals, with matching homogeneous multiband photometry for 1677 of them.PROBES rotation curves originally extracted from Halpha long-slit spectra andaperture synthesis HI (21cm) velocity maps typically extend out to a median2R_e (or 1R_{23.5, r}). Our…

AutoProf – I. An automated non-parametric light profile pipeline for modern galaxy surveys

Full Article Here ABSTRACT: We present an automated non-parametric light profile extraction pipeline called AutoProf. All steps for extracting surface brightness profiles are included in AutoProf, allowing streamlined analyses of galaxy images. AutoProf improves upon previous non-parametric ellipse fitting implementations with fit-stabilization procedures adapted from machine learning techniques. Additional advanced analysis methods are included in…

The Intrinsic Scatter of Galaxy Scaling Relations

Full Article Here ABSTRACT: We present a compendium of disk galaxy scaling relations and a detailed characterization of their intrinsic scatter. Observed scaling relations are typically characterized by their slope, intercept, and scatter; however, these parameters are a mixture of observational errors and astrophysical processes. We introduce a novel Bayesian framework for computing the intrinsic…